They will reopen for CKM 2020 on February 1, 2020

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 7th annual 2019 Heurich Christkindlmarkt (CKM)?

  • Friday, 12/6 - 4-8pm (VIP Preview Night including “swag bags”)

  • Saturday, 12/7 - 12pm-8pm

  • Sunday, 12/8 - 12pm-6pm

What is CKM?

Because of the story of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship associated with our property, the Heurich House Museum works with local artisans and creative businesses throughout the year. The program's annual culmination, Christkindlmarkt (CKM), shows off the best of local DC craft entrepreneurship. CKM is the museum’s largest fundraising event each year.

Where does CKM take place?

CKM takes place at the Heurich House Museum in Dupont Circle. The majority of the event occurs in the museum's "Castle Garden". The garden, which is owned by the museum and adjoins the building, is enclosed on all sides. Visitors to the market may also take a tour of the decorated museum. 

I see that the market is held outdoors during the winter. Does the site change depending upon the weather?

CKM is held in the museum's Castle Garden regardless of weather conditions. All Regular Vendors will be provided with a tented 10x10 foot space assigned to them by the museum. All Food Vendors will be provided with a tented 15x15 foot space.

How much does it cost to participate as a vendor in CKM?

All CKM vendor applicants must pay a nonrefundable $15 application fee. Accepted vendors pay nonrefundable Vendor Fees as noted below. Vendor Fees are used to cover event overhead, mainly equipment rental expenses. The museum does not take a percentage of any vendor sales.

2019 Vendor Fees

~ Regular Vendor ~


~ Food Vendor ~

$500 per day

What is the difference between a Regular Vendor and a Food Vendor?

Food Vendors will have the exclusive right to serve food for on-site immediate consumption. All other vendors will be considered Regular Vendors. Regular Vendors may sell pre-packaged food for off-site consumption and may also give out free food samples during CKM. All Food Vendors are required to possess a valid caterers license and ensure a certified food protection manager is onsite during CKM.

Are there eligibility requirements to become a vendor at CKM?

All CKM vendors are required to: (1) have a primary office located within the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia; (2) possess a current and active business license in DC, MD, or VA; and (3) certify that either the majority owners are DC, MD, or VA residents or 51% or more of their employees are DC, MD, or VA residents. 

Are all vendors who apply offered a booth at CKM?

Space constraints in the Castle Garden limits the number of vendors who are offered booths at CKM. In 2019, the market will contain 26 booth spaces, and all accepted vendors will be offered space for all 3 days pf the market. While this format limits the number of accepted vendors, it will provide a greater opportunity for vendors to interact with customers than in past years.

Do accepted vendors have any additional responsibilities?

Accepted vendors will be required to offer 50 small items for “swag bags” and 1 large item for a raffle.

What is the timeline for applications to be a vendor at CKM?

Applications for the Heurich House Museum's 2019 CKM open at 12:00pm on February 1, 2019 and closes at 11:59pm on October 1, 2019. Vendor applicants will be extended offers to participate in the market on October 15, 2019. 

What if I have other questions about the application process?

Please email or call the museum's program staff at 202-429-1894.